One Year With No Meat Anniversary

Today marks my #oneyearanniversary of NO MEAT😱🤗 Last year after a vacation trip to Miami I made the decision to cut meat out cold turkey.

Looking back on it, I can’t believe its been a year. Why did I do it? I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself. I always felt terrible, bloated, had to take enzyme pills & detox tea to digest food. I thought going 💩every three days was normal (TMI but its not okay)

I would eat chicken,steak, broccoli, & rice everyday because thats what I thought you had to do to “get that summer body”

And not just once a day. My meals would look something like this. I would wake up and have a 4 oz steak, with a cold sweet potato and zucchini.  Two hours later I would have a protein shake and some sort of “snack.  For lunch I would have 4 oz chicken, rice and green beans, two hours later I would eat that again.  For dinner, yep thought I already had it….WRONG

For dinner, which was my last meal I would have eight egg whites with veggies. Yes, I said EIGHT egg whites.  It was awful and so much food.
I ended up hating food and only eating because I had to. I would do anything I could to try to force myself to eat, put stevia on my chicken, drink egg whites because I hated eggs, the list goes on…
I am so happy with my decision because I now can be true to body & my mind. This past year I feel so much better and if I have something that I shouldn’t my body lets me know LOL.  I am fortunate in Las Vegas because we have so many vegetarian and vegan restaurants that I am always able to find something to eat.  Plus, the grocery stores have been on point lately with so many different meat free food options.  I will do a post soon about some of the foods I eat now in my daily routine.  It’s not negative nancy anymore 😉

Oh & for those who say you can only gain muscle if you eat meat, thats not true😉 #poweredbyplants





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